Telemetry and Satellite Geolocation for vehicles and equipment

+ Control your fleet
+ Increase Security
+ Optimize the Management

Management Control and Security

+ It allows the detection of theft of the vehicle or load, alarms and remote immobilization of a vehicle, if stopped, wherever it is.

High Customization Maps

+ Designed and developed for enterprise customers
+ Fully Cloud-Based, Multilingual
+ 4 different cartographies dynamically selectable, with the off-road coverage
+ Interfaced server-side with management systems

Install TrackPro

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The sampling frequency of the device is dynamic and intelligent way to reduce the waste of information and increase precision.

Battery Safe
Sleep Mode

Your vehicle may remain stationary for more than 2 weeks, communicating its position without consuming battery.

and remote access

The shape of the device is extremely reduced, which makes it easy to install and positioning on the vehicle in safe & secure place.

History Extended Data

Ability to save history data beyond 90 days. in order to optimize expenses, monitors of driving behavior, control ID and other parameters.