Optimization of cyclic routes management:


  • Users monitoring.
    The possibility to monitor how many people get on the bus and how many of them get off, via a counting people sensor. This figure can be compared with the number of tickets sold through electronic ticket machine. In this way it is possible to know the exact number of people who do not pay for the ticket and therefore improve the system of verification and control.
  • Consumption.
    Check of the fuel level and control system of the driving style, speed, engine rev, etc..
    It enables to reduce the fuel consumption, avoid road accidents and extraordinary costs of maintenance.
  • Quality of service. Following the timetable.
    Monitoring of the circuit and time, to check the route and follow the timetable.
  • Improper use.
    The use of a bus for personal purposes (for examples unauthorized transport).
  • Monitoring of the vehicle’s status.
    The device TrackPro is able to report promptly to the control center any problems related to the service of maintenance of vehicles. In this way, it is possible reduce the overall costs for repairs and the downtime of a vehicle.