Quality deliveries with a maximum security:


  • Routes control.
    The ability to monitor in real time the routes and the location of each vehicle (wasted trips reduction). Complete control of the fleet’s movement (monitoring of the entry or exit in prohibited zones or the use of unauthorized routes).
  • Consumption control.
    It’s possible to have a greater understanding of how does the fuel factor affect the company’s expenses. Thanks to the control of the “driving style” you can check which drivers drive too fast, control promptly the problems related to the fuel tank, you know as well if all the fuel purchased is actually placed in the tank and is not removed.
  • Deliveries abroad or in certain times.
    Knowing the information about the route of a vehicle ensures the control of the business. The device on the vehicle is able to use different profiles depending on which mobile operator it is active, reducing in the same time the costs of communication if the roaming conditions are not favorable.
  • Terms of the load.
    For the delivery of perishable goods certain and constant conditions must be guaranteed. It is possible to monitor the critical points of the load, receiving an alarm if the safety thresholds (time and space) are exceeded, ensuring the delivery of the goods under optimal conditions.
  • Direct communication with the driver.
    The driver of the vehicle, using the device TrackPro can talk to the center of Control, receive and make phone calls when needed, using a simple microphone, at no additional cost for the communication.