Cost Control and Return on Investment:


  • Control of any vehicle or mean of transport, including operating machinery or mobile machines.
  • Reduction of the wasted trips number, the detention of the vehicle and operating costs:
  • – reduction of fuel costs and theft prevention,
    – increase of the vehicle’s exploitation life.

  • Prevention of the expenses due to the productivity lack:
  • – caused directly by the driver on unauthorized stops or unauthorized use,
    – of the accidents caused by the driver,
    – of the time wasted due to waiting time at the points of loading and unloading,
    – of the losses due to damages of the load caused by accidents or misuse
    – of the losses due to delayed or failed care of the vehicle
    – of the cargo and the vehicle’s theft.

  • Increase in the overall profitability of the investment.
  • The possibility of monitoring any physical size object in which an appropriate sensor connected to the device has been installed.