This solution is already installed on a large fleet of countries mainly in North-East Europe and for the tasks of monitoring and optimization control. Here are a series between the 3 most significant of our customers, one of the Italian territory and two in the north-east Europe.


CATEGORY: Supervision and Surveillance
Activities: private guard, security guard, day and night patrols, radio surveillance, telemonitoring, video surveillance, 24 hours a day supervision
Equipment and Systems: telemonitoring systems
Services: available at night, surveillance service

The Supervision Institute and its affiliates, equipped themselves with Track Pro geopositioning and monitoring system for the surveillance vehicles in order to maintain high security standard as well as for the matter of vehicles’ monitoring. The current solution represents, in fact, a significant value added.

The possibility of maintaining the position of the vehicles and their stops under control, allows to optimize the available resources. Moreover, for the security reasons, there are SOS buttons installed in the vehicles, connected with the system of geopositioning, which when pressed, forward an alarm signal to the control unit via e-mail, accelerating the possible time of the intervention. The client is very happy with the product.


CATEGORY: Public Transport (Latvia):
Activities and services: Public Transport

– tram (267 tram, 9 linee di tram);
– filobus (354 filobus, 19 itinerari filobus);
– bus (476 autobus, 53 linee di autobus);
– parcheggio (4860 unitĂ  di parcheggio).

Very often the buses were stolen overnight from abusive drivers, which provided a transport service to the boys come out of nightclubs, asking money for transport and often means leaving out of fuel and in poor condition. There was the need for increased monitoring of public transport, and installed TrackPro that allows to see the direct consumption of fuel and the paths carried out on a certain period of time.

When there was a question about more careful monitoring of public transport, “TomWare Latvia” has offered liquid fuel flow meters. It allows to see direct fuel consumption for the certain period of time. The discipline among drivers, at the expense of the received has raised. Information on really spent fuel. Thanks to system “TrackPro”, it was possible to prevent plunder of great volumes of fuel and to punish guilty drivers.


CATEGORY: Taxi Service
Activities and Services: Taxi

The low safety level for taxi drivers, especially women, has led the company to retrofit some of its vehicles with the system TrackPro, in order to monitor the position of the vehicles in case of breakdowns or attempted theft / robbery, which are very frequent, especially late services. Were installed TrackPro devices with optimized routes and alarm systems linked to passenger safety and emergency button connected directly to the panel.

All know that work of the taxi driver is partly dangerous, especially, if taxi driver is woman. At all times taxi drivers like to withdraw in a deserted place and to plunder. Once such robber has sat down in taxi car equipped with system TrackPro. By pushing SOS button the crime has been prevented by the driver and security firm, and who knows, maybe it saved human life also. The customer is fully satisfied with the product.