Reliability and prompt reaction:


  • Tracking of the vehicle.
    Checking the status and the location of all your vehicles enables you to have logistics guarantees, both on personnel control as well as in case of disputes with customers.
    If there are complaints regarding delays or lack of support, it will be possible to have a full history of the fleet’s movement, to have the proof of the fact that the vehicles were in the right position.
  • Coordination.
    In case of the emergency, knowing the exact position of all the vehicles allows to minimize the response time, ensuring the maximum efficiency at all times.
  • Safety improvement.
    It’s possible to implement different security mechanisms for the staff:
    starting from the SOS button, which when pressed activates an alarm, to operational timed mechanisms able to send warning signals if the driver remains for too long far away from the vehicle. The versatility of TrackPro makes it a very powerful system, capable to offer personalized solutions for every need.
  • History.
    It allows you to keep an archive of all the routes performed by the means of transport.
    You can check, at any time, if and when some mistakes in carrying out the intervention procedures were made.