Data Transmission


An autonomous electronic device is installed in the vehicle in order to supervise the quantities that you want to measure: it determines the geographic coordinates, both through the GPS network (USA) as well as through Glonass (Russia), it verifies the speed, and monitors the status of the sensors as well as any additional digital devices. The data is transmitted through more communication channels to a centralized data center. The transmitted information can be controlled by the customer at any time via the Internet access, on an electronic map supported by the console used for managing various functions and generating reports.


The customer can see on the monitor the real-time status of the vehicles. You can define the route and a sequence of prohibited and obligatory activities. All the information is recorded in the database and it can be used for the reports preparation.
TrackPro allows tracking, satellite location and a real-time telemetry of people, vehicles and machinery, collecting information from devices and remote sensors. The data is centrally stored and allows the extraction of arbitrary reports.
The front-end is completely web-based and independent of the device, it may be a PC, a tablet or a mobile. Location, speed, direction, status, are collected and presented in real-time.
The TrackPro interface is used in various languages.