+ Reduction in mileage and the downtime of a vehicle;

+ Reduction of the number of wasted trips and operating costs:
– Reduction of the fuel cost and theft prevention
– Increase of the vehicle’s exploitation life

+ Prevention of the costs due to the lack of productivity:
– Caused directly by the driver: unauthorized stopping, unauthorized use of vehicle
– Accidents caused by the driver
– Time lost due to pauses at the points of loading and unloading caused by the arrivals at wrong time
– Losses due to delayed or failed vehicle care
– Losses due to damage to the load caused by accidents or misuse of the vehicle
– Theft of load and vehicle

+ Increase of the overall profitability of the investment
+ Better use of the vehicles fleets

+ Better control of the means of transport and transported goods

+ Increased safety of personnel and cargo

+ Selective costs control (maintenance costs, actual consumption, reimbursement of detailed expenses verification of infractions)

+ Objective guarantees of the provided services quality (KPI)

TrackPro compared with its competitors:

  • Designed and developed for enterprise customers
  • Fully Cloud-Based, Multilingual
  • 4 different cartographies dynamically selectable, with the off-road coverage
  • Interfaced server-side with management systems
  • It allows billing